All life is sacred.

It’s Hatzalah’s honor, duty and
mission to preserve it.

a vital service

For the community,
by the community

Manned by a volunteer network of dedicated fathers, husbands, and sons, Hatzalah provides emergency medical response to the public. We treat all in need — regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.

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central hatzalah

Backbone to over 16
independent branches

From dispatch to training and beyond, Central Hatzalah
plays a critical supporting role to independent Hatzalah
branches throughout NYS.

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training & equipment

Trained and geared to respond

Behind every Hatzalah call is:

Intensive, ongoing training and
Collaborative teams of physicians,
EMTs, and Paramedics
$30,000+ in lifesaving medical
equipment per ALS vehicle
Robust and far-reaching

When every second counts, communities count on Chevra Hatzalah

100000 calls per year
1500 volunteer EMTS, paramedics and more
55 Covering neighborhoods
85 ambulances throughout NYS

Endorsements from politicians and community leaders

Hatzolah has saved innumerable lives through their remarkable dedication. Everywhere they operate, Hatzolah supports and furthers city resources, and improves response times in emergencies where every second counts.

New York State owes a debt of gratitude to your members whose sense of
personal duty often comes at great personal cost.

Endorsements from politicians and community leaders

Hatzolah was and continues to be an integral part of New York City’s emergency response services. This was demonstrated over and over again in the painful months that we lived through earlier this year.

Hatzolah has shown that it is committed to excellence, even in the face of danger and despite whatever challenges it may face.

Endorsements from politicians and community leaders

In the midst of one of the darkest periods in our city’s history Hatzolah members stepped up to save lives even when doing so meant risking their own.

Hatzolah is emblematic of the effect that community advocacy and real tangible action can have on keeping communities alive, well, and thriving.

Endorsements from politicians and community leaders

Hatzolah has proven to be an example of how community activism and work in cooperation with the city can immensely benefit quality of life in that community and throughout the entire city.