hatzalah's calling

Hatzalas Nefashos -
Saving Lives

Sanctity of life plays a central role in Judaism, to the extent that
practicing Jews are permitted to violate the sanctity of the Sabbath to
preserve it.

From coordinating, training, funding, equipping, maintaining, and
responding – keeping Hatzalah running smoothly is anything but
simple. But in a community that values life above all else, there is
simply no price too high or effort too great.


On call 24/7/365

Hatzalah is manned by an army of trained volunteers. At any given moment, our brave responders put their life
on pause to respond to emergencies, often leaving their families, jobs, children and warm beds to save a life.



The backbone of Hatzalah, our
EMTs complete a rigorous New
York State Dept. of Health
training program in emergency
medical care and recertify every
three years. 24/7, each EMTS
carries with him primary first-aid
kits, oxygen and AEDs.


Paramedics receive extensive
training in Advanced Life
Support and bring the ER to the
patient with their drug bags,
EKG monitors, and other
advanced medical tools.


Our medical doctors
work with our volunteers in the
field. MDs are also available for
immediate, on-call guidance and
recommendations as needed.


Every one of our 225+
dispatchers is a certified EMT
and are subject to continuous
quality control. Translators are
on-call to assist with: Hebrew,
Yiddish, Russian, Farsi, Spanish
and French.

Service Units

The quiet heroes who maintain
and clean our ambulances, stock
supplies, remove snow, and
perform the hundreds of other
logistical tasks involved in
running an organization the size
of Hatzalah.
our history

Racing to the rescue since

Hatzalah EMS was founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Rabbi Hershel
Weber in 1965, with a vision to improve rapid emergency medical
response in the community. The idea soon spread to other Orthodox
Jewish neighborhoods in the New York City area, and eventually across
regions, countries, and continents.